Why do people sag their pants

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Why do people sag their pants

We are told most satellites orbit the Earth at altitudes of over km to avoid atmospheric drag, with a few circling in Medium Earth Orbit which goes up to 35,km! As you can see, all three objects above are in the seriously ferocious hot zone. The solar panels which adjorn these machines would barely function even if they could keep it together long enough.

A British company found a drop of 1. I could go on, but you get the picture. So how do those solar panels work?

Why do people sag their pants

Excuse number one comes from a few websites such as Wikipedia who wish to insult our intelligence to the max. Even though the temperature is so high, one would not feel warm in the thermosphere, because it is so near vacuum that there is not enough contact with the few atoms of gas to transfer much heat.

Thermospheric temperatures increase with altitude due to absorption of highly energetic solar radiation. It is the sun! Ask this man if he believes in solar radiation.

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The Sun and anything warm is constantly emitting infrared, and the Earth absorbs it and turns the energy into atomic and molecular motion, or heat. Eberhard Moebius at question 5. This shiny coating reflects the heat radiation like a mirror and keeps it either inside the bottle if the content is hot or outside if the content is cold.

There is so much wrong with the picture below that it is beyond words: Because we are in a swimming pool, Ivan. Ah, for a minute there I almost forgot. Christian the heat in the thermosphere is always there. There is no colder place for the heat to transfer to second law of thermodynamics.

To get rid of heat, you can point thermal radiators at the dark sky, and to warm up you can point at the Sun or Earth. The Sun warms the Earth through radiation, not convection or diffusion. How do we know the thermosphere exists at all?

Sagging (fashion) - Wikipedia

The problem is, why would NASA lie about such a thing when it completely disproves their portrayed fantasies of the last 44 years. The shuttle is the only vehicle that can enter the thermospherealbeit for short durations and not too high, probably not beyond or km part 2 shows us that the shuttle probably never really goes much higher than km.

Ask the poor crew of Columbia. Notice how the tile glows white. Real protection in the thermosphere If there are no orbiting machines in space, why bother with the space shuttle?

After all, we are told its main job is to deploy satellites.


It certainly looks like stars become invisible at high altitude. Myself and another German poster have commented not seeing stars from an airplane cabin window in the summertime although another poster commented that he has seen stars from an airplane on the December solstice.

Seeing stars above km seems therefore to be highly unlikely. Does this rule also apply to the other electromagnetic wavelengths such as ultraviolet light where heat is concerned?regardbouddhiste.com is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more. See world news photos and videos at regardbouddhiste.com Sagging pants has become a fashion statement among young people around the world.

Was the fashion of sagging one's pants born of a prison mode of signaling sexual availability? My girlfriends tell me they are very uncomfortable and a waste of money. Are you all bubbly and fizzy down there?

Go over some of the reasons why people sag their pants and how opinion on the style continues to fluctuate and change. Originally Answered: Why do black people sag their pants? Although it is true that this style is predominant in black communities, let's keep in mind that it is not just a "black thing", but a phenomenon that exists regardless of race.

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