Note on lead time

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Note on lead time

As a Project Manager, you must know about Lead Time and Lag Time in order to better understand your project plan and execute it accordingly.

Although this concept is not very difficult, a few people still find it difficult to understand.

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Okay, let us get started. Usually, when the first activity finishes, a second activity starts. This type of activity sequence is called Finish to Start Note on lead time it happens the majority of the time. However, there are many instances when other situations arise; e.

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Who is at risk? Classification[ edit ] Classically, "lead poisoning" or "lead intoxication" has been defined as exposure to high levels of lead typically associated with severe health effects. Urine lead levels may be used as well, though less commonly.
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These two situations are termed as Lead and Lag. Lead Time When the first activity is still running and second activity starts, this is called Lead. The balance of time for the first activity is known as Lead Time. Lead Time is the overlap between the first and second activity.

For example, let us say that the time duration for the first activity is 20 days, and for the second activity it is 15 days. As the first activity completes its first 15 days, you start working on the second activity.

Please note that the first activity still has 5 days to finish itself completely. Let us take a real-world example. However, as you complete the electrical work of ground floor, you start painting it while the electrical work for the first floor continues. Lag Time When the first activity completes, if there is then a delay or wait period before the second activity starts, this is called lag and the delay is known as the Lag Time.

Lag Time is the delay between the first and second activity. For example, the time duration for the first activity is 3 days, and for the second activity it is 2 days. After completing the first activity you wait for one day, and then you start the second activity. Please note that here you start second activity after one day of completing the first activity.

In this case, we say that Lag Time is one day, or Finish to Start activity with one day delay or lag.

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Please note when you do lead time scheduling you need to maintain: 1. Queue time 2. Wait time 3. Setup time 4. Operation time 5. Teardown time and also you need to maintain in-house production time in material master.


Note on lead time

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