Landmark essay

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Landmark essay

Official transcripts of all college work Official final high school transcript Homeschooled students are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please submit supporting documentation of curriculum and certification. IEP diplomas are rarely accepted. Cognitive testing A series of standardized tests used to evaluate the cognitive and intellectual abilities of the student.

Complete scores, including sub-test, are required to provide a comprehensive understanding of the applicant. Please submit one of the following: Instructor recommendation s This should be completed by a teacher or professor in an academic subject who knows you well. You may submit additional recommendations.

Information for former Landmark College students who wish to return: Re-enrollment requirements depend, to some extent, on the circumstances of the departure.

Students who have been away from the College for part of a semester or longer will work through the Office of Admissions not their former academic advisor or any other office and should use the following process to request re-enrollment for a future semester: In the time when a student who has withdrawn or has been suspended is away from Landmark College, it is expected that he or she has been constructively occupied and has maintained a satisfactory standard of conduct.

In all cases, re-enrollment will require a personal statement outlining why the student is requesting re-enrollment to the College and how the student has occupied his or her time while away from the campus.

Students should also include transcripts from any educational institution they attended while they were away from Landmark. Please note other factors that will be taken into consideration in the re-enrollment process: Students who left in poor academic standing may be placed on Academic Probation for a period of at least one semester.

Students who were suspended from the College must provide all documentation required in their letter of suspension from the College. Students who left with pending disciplinary charges will be required to address those matters with the student conduct office before re-enrollment can be completed.

While the majority of students who apply for re-enrollment do return to Landmark College, re-enrollment is not guaranteed to any applicant.

The College seeks to re-enroll only those students who have demonstrated an ability to remain in good academic standing and citizenship, and who are likely to persist to the completion of the degree requirements.

Therefore, the College may sometimes advise an applicant to defer his or her return until a time later than the one originally proposed.

Landmark essay

To initiate the re-enrollment process, a student should complete the Online Re-enrollment Request Form. Once received, the request will be reviewed by the College. In most cases, a response will be provided within 10 days.

Any further questions about re-enrollment to the College should be directed to: Landmark College is a private, homeschool-friendly college for students who learn differently.

We understand there are several paths a homeschooled student may follow in order to receive their high school education, paths which may differ from state to state as well as from district to district.

Diploma-Granting Organizations If you are completing your homeschool education under the umbrella of a diploma-granting organization, you will need to provide evidence of coursework completed, level of performance gradesand a copy of the diploma.

Homeschooled students should also submit: Psycho-Educational Testing tests must have been administered within three years of applying Cognitive testing A series of standardized tests used to evaluate the cognitive and intellectual abilities of the student.

Complete scores, including sub-tests, are required to provide a comprehensive understanding of the applicant. To help evaluate your academic readiness, we require you to provide a portfolio of your work indicative of your academic achievement. The Portfolio may include: Coursework or grades from classes taken from educational institutions AP Tests Recommendations from qualified tutors or teachers Work examples:We've prepared a great set of essay writing tutorials to help you complete any academic assignment for your college classes.

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Landmark Research Essay Project. DESCRIPTION For this writing assignment, you will be researching a landmark and creating a five paragraph descriptive essay. Using fea- The facial landmarks (eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth) are intutures extracted by facial landmark detection, we received on itively the most expressive features in a face, and could also average 52% classification accuracy.

The Web essays published here are an integral part of The Landmark Julius Caesar. The Contents section shows how these essays fit into the plan of the entire work. The printed volume, published in December , contains an introduction on Caesar’s life.

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Landmark essay

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