Forp news letter november 13 2005

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Forp news letter november 13 2005

Foreword by Luther A. It should create in the reader a real desire to get thoroughly acquainted with the contents of the book.

Forp news letter november 13 2005

The content of the volume is well organized into six chapters with descriptive names as follows: It was difficult to find any bright spots to write about. His presence meant everything to the forlorn hope for the future of the Rite.

Watching the Author's skill in marshalling the fragments of facts and circumstances favorable to future growth of the Rite is a fascinating experience.

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Pike's practical judgment and unconquerable determination in the ultimate success of his faith and efforts easily established him as the hero of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry; its Seer, Philosopher and Savior. People love success stories and take great pleasure in keeping them vibrant in the folklore of the race.

This volume in the history of the Supreme Council should be a treasure house of pride and glory for Scottish Rite Masons of all generations. I am sure all Masons will read it with pleasure and profit.

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Your attention is called to the 14 illustrations which are to be seen in this second volume of the History of the Supreme Council.

They are well chosen and render a fine service in adorning the history.

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It is the only one that has been discovered. The picture of King Kalakaua of Hawaii is an item of special importance, and so is the picture of President Garfield and of considerable interest is the furniture designed by Albert Pike when he established the Lodge of Perfection in El Paso, Texas.

The Author is to be congratulated upon his good judgment and good luck in finding and selecting these illustrations. The first is that period extending from its creation in until its almost annihilation by the outbreak of civil war in The second is the three decades of revival, restoration and maturation under the guidance of Albert Pike until his death in The third is the period since in which its organizational structure has been perfected, its numerical and financial strength multiplied and its service programs formulated and brought into reality.

Organized Freemasonry in the United States of America antedates the birth of the Republic and both have experienced comparable growth in strength and health. The great events that transpired on the North America continent have influenced and been influenced by Masonic institutions. This is particularly true of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the Southern Jurisdiction for there is an amazing parallelism between the major divisions of general United States history and those of the history of the Mother Council of the World.

The above comments state the fundamental concepts that have governed the writing of this history of the Supreme Council in the Southern Jurisdiction. The first volume, principally the work of R.November 13, at pm (UTC -6) Link to this comment I join the others in saying I miss you, Twisty.

Forp news letter november 13 2005

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