Dad by elaine feinstein

Some local maps have identified Ruby Ridge as an extension of Caribou Ridge, but press reporting on the Weaver standoff used the federally recognized name.

Dad by elaine feinstein

They evoke him and his absence with painful clarity, charting both the discords and harmonies of a marriage.

Dad by elaine feinstein

Feinstein offers no easy retreat into the false comfort of shared sentiment in grief; instead her poems bravely probe human transience. These poems conjure up the intimate presence of her husband again and again: Always knowing you lie peaceful and curled like an embryo under the squelchy ground, Without a birth to wait for, whirled Into that darkness where nothing is found" The absence she confronts is immense.

Dad by elaine feinstein

In it, the "Lord God" watches the Hubble telescope "a delicate toy" attempting to measure "heavenly secrets". Our lives, to Him, are touching but not significant. This God offers no heavenly paradise. There is a simplicity in some of the poems that is wrenching. In "Beds", "Last night I wondered where you had found to sleep.

There was no one in your chair". Modern, hospitalised death is often intrusive and dehumanising. Arnold appears in hospital, hauled by the nurses: But his conjured-up voice dissolves back into the air.

Feinstein achieves this fine balance between presence and absence through a set of repeated images. In "Stuff" she finds him lingering in the iMac, in his sleeping pills, in his teeth in a drawer.

Instead she tracks the vagaries of her marriage. But again and again she comes back to her husband as her "skin": Feinstein contemplates what home means to homeless peoples.

Feinstein knows only too well that "most of what we work at disappears", but here are profound, deeply felt and complex poems that will last. Beautifully and delicately crafted, they dance between presence and absence, grief and joy, bleakness and rejuvenation.

In the last poem she shifts the Hubble telescope; her granddaughter looks down on a London which is a "field of lights". The precision and focus in these poems make them infinitely moving for everyone.DEAR JANE® is in the Twentieth Year of her Journey!!

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For principal cast appearances check the Number of Appearances page. A * marks a cast relative, crew member or later cast member. Elaine Feinstein (b) is from Bootle, Lancashire and was educated at Newnham College, Cambridge.

She has worked as an editor, a university lecturer and a journalist. From she has lived on her writing. Feinstein's early poetry bears the influence of modernists such as Pound, but it wasn't until she began translating the great Russian poet, Marina Tsvataeva, that she found her own voice.

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