An analysis of the infamous hurricane bob

Hugo itself was surpassed by Hurricane Andrew in and several others over the next few decades.

An analysis of the infamous hurricane bob

Meteorologist Kait Parker shares some very infamous images from past hurricanes.

The 14 Most Infamous Storms on the North Shore of Massachusetts

This is an updated, ranked list through the hurricane season. Some photos and imagery of hurricanes and typhoons are so iconic to meteorologists they can immediately tell you the details about a storm at a glance. In general, the more legendary the image or photo is to meteorologists, the higher the ranking.

Also, given the relative abundance of satellite imagery and photos in modern times, this list may suffer a bit from recency bias. But these are images and photos any weather history buff will enjoy.

But meteorologists will forever remember Harvey as the U. The radar was rebuilt and returned to service the following summer.

But as the overall storm began to weaken after lashing the East Coast as far south as North Carolina, a tiny circulation within the storm intensified into a full-fledged hurricane on Nov. This hurricane was never named, for fear of alarming and confusing the public after the hard hit from the Perfect Storm.

The so-called "Unnamed Hurricane" remained well out to sea, and only limped ashore as a weakening tropical storm in Nova Scotia the next day.Roth's analysis from Hurricane Harvey was jaw dropping. The areal coverage of at least 20 inches, 30 inches, even 40 inches of rain near the Upper Texas coast and southwest Louisiana was something.

Tropical Cyclone Naming History and Retired Names

Hurricane economics: When it comes to evaluating the economic impact of hurricane Katrina, two errors are constantly repeated. The first is the free-lunch fallacy — believing that federally financed reconstruction and relief can be a net "stimulus" to the national economy.

An analysis of the infamous hurricane bob

For example, there was "Hurricane Santa Ana" which struck Puerto Rico with exceptional violence on July 26, , and "San Felipe" (the first) and "San Felipe" (the second) which hit Puerto Rico on September 13 in both and Dr.

Eric Ulhorn of NOAA's Hurricane Research Division estimates that the maximum wind averaged around the eyewall in Hurricane Wilma () at peak intensity could . Legendary journalist Bob Woodward is releasing his exhaustive analysis of the Trump administration soon and this morning The Washington Post — which received an early copy — recounted some of the juiciest segments of the page portrait that emerges is one of an absurdly incompetent, unprecedentedly chaotic administration .

An analysis of the infamous hurricane bob

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