An analysis of the contributions and role of william lyon mackenzie in canadian history

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An analysis of the contributions and role of william lyon mackenzie in canadian history

He was descended from a peasant parentage, and when a mere infant was thrown for support on his brother. He obtained a meagre business education in Dundee, and at seventeen started for England, where he obtained employment as a clerk with Lord Lonsdale.

It was roughly written, and dry, and declamatory, but it was on the right side, and made the oligarchists twist uneasily in their chairs.

Morgan, "except such as reason and the law might have sanctioned, was made to suppress the paper. A bitter personal quarrel, carried on by means of the press, between Mr. Mackenzie and some prominent members of the official party, led, into the violent destruction of the printing office by a mob of irritated friends of the ruling party.

The office was forcibly entered and the types cast into the bay of Toronto. At this time, the paper was printed at that city. A most inopportune time was chosen for the work of destruction. It was probably not known to the rioters that the last number of the paper which it was intended to destroy had already been published; for if it had the act would have been stupid and illegal.

As the act was done in the face of day, the perpetrators of it were known, and damages were recovered against them, on the case being brought into a court of justice. We must suppose that the object of scattering the types into the bay was to put an end to the existence of an obnoxious newspaper; but the effect was precisely the contrary of what had been intended.

The paper, of which the last number had already been issued, received from the violence used to put it down a new lease of existence. The Colonial Advocate, instead of expiring inas it would, if left to itself, continued to be published tillwhen the press and types were sold to Dr.

Mackenzie was elected to the Canadian Parliament, for the County of York. The violence of the official party was not confined to the destruction of a printing office.

Mackenzie had, in his newspaper, used language towards the majority in the Assembly, which that majority chose to regard as libellous, and they resolved to punish the representative for the act of the journalist.

The alleged libel consisted of describing the majority as sycophants fit only to register the decrees of arbitrary power. Language quite as strong as this has frequently been used in the House of Commons.

But admitting the language used by Mr. Mackenzie to be libellous, the proper remedy would have been to bring the case before a jury.

An analysis of the contributions and role of william lyon mackenzie in canadian history

But that remedy was hopeless; it was notorious that no verdict could have been obtained against the publisher of the alleged libel. It was treated as a breach of privilege; on that ground the expulsion proceeded, and an attempt was made to render Mr.

Mackenzie incapable of sitting in the Assembly. He was chosen first Mayor of Toronto inand with all his faults, seemed to have been the darling of those who were doing battle for popular rights. His visit to Downing Street when the dominion of the Family Compact was most galling, was productive of several minor results; but it seemed to be our fortune to have gentlemen governing us then, who were conspicuous only for their utter unfitness for the position.

Sir Francis Bond Head, with several trunks full of blank poems, plays and unfinished essays, made a great sensation on first appearing here, but he had a soft head, and the Tories promptly brought him into line.

William Lyon Mackenzie () was a Scottish-born Canadian journalist, politician, and rebel. He became the leader of the radical Reformers, and the refusal of the authorities to institute certain reforms finally led him to open rebellion. William Lyon Mackenzie was born on March 12, , at. William Lyon Mackenzie King OM, CMG, PC (December 17, (as a boy, his motto was "Help those that cannot help themselves"), and played a major role in laying the foundations of the Canadian welfare One biographer called these diaries "the most important single political document in twentieth-century Canadian history,". William Lyon Mackenzie, journalist, politician (born 12 March in Dundee, Scotland; died 28 August in Toronto, ON). A journalist, Member of the Legislative Assembly, first mayor of Toronto and a leader of the Rebellions of , Mackenzie was a central figure in pre-Confederation political.

Mackenzie did not succeed with his motley band of well-meaning followers, but with a price upon his head, fled the country through the wintry woods. He eventually obtained a pardon through the influence of his friend, Mr.

Hume, and returned to Canada. The Reformers gave him the cold shoulder, and the Tories raised their eyes in horror when they looked upon him. Inhe opposed George Brown for Haldimand, and defeated him.

He held his seat in the Assembly tillwhen he resigned. He died in comparative poverty, at Toronto, in August Inhe married Isabel Baxter, a sister of Mr. George Baxter, teacher of the Royal Grammar School at Kingston, and the same from whom so many of our prominent Canadians received their early tuition.Liberal Party of Canada: Liberal Party of Canada, centrist Canadian political party, one of the major parties in the country since the establishment of the Dominion of Canada in The Liberal Party has been the governing party at the federal level for most of the period since the late s, bringing together pragmatic William Lyon.

List of books about Prime Ministers of Canada. Jump to navigation Jump to search History of the Canadian Pacific Railway () K. G. Pryke, Nova Scotia and Confederation, William Lyon Mackenzie King, – The Lonely Heights () standard biography.

William Lyon Mackenzie King () was prime minister of Canada for more than 21 years, a longer period in office than any other first minister in the history of countries in the British Commonwealth.

On Dec. 17, , W. L. Mackenzie King was born at Berlin (later Kitchener), Ontario. His. and cooperation in Canadian society, Canada’s evolving role within the global community, and the impact of various individuals, organizations, and events on Canadian identity, citizenship, and heritage.

The Canadian High Commission in London was an expression of this: established in , the High Commissioner represented Canadian interests in Westminster and to the Crown, a slight reversal of the role played by the Governors-General. Mackenzie King, as he is usually called, was the son of John King and Isabel Grace Mackenzie, daughter of William Lyon Mackenzie, a leader of the Rebellion of aimed at establishing independent self-government in Upper Canada.

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